quinta-feira, dezembro 12, 2013

On quinta-feira, dezembro 12, 2013 by Bruno Fines in ,

Question, answer
Everything's very clear,
Question, answer
We both are satisfied
Question, answer
Hold me tight, you are by my side
Question, answer
I like it
And you as well.

I like it, So cool, I like it, I do 

So what? Set on fire.
Are you the first? No, It's me.
Washing the window,
This place is our pillow. 

I can't wait
It is not the end
Give me hend to the round
I'm get in all the ground 
Let's find more time
or wish time is right
I like it
It's our night 

Let's wait some to one more trick
or some some don't late
awesome awesome
That's my favorite trick

I like it, So cool, I like it, I do ♪♫

Creditos: Vanessa ( Kazaky Taiwan )